First Baptist Church
the Rev. Dr. Ted H. Sandberg
American Baptist Women

American Baptist Traditions

We are a member of the American Baptist Churches which means that we are related to other congregations who share our philosophy. We believe the following:

* Faith must be personal.

* Believer's Baptism by Immersion
    Baptism follows a profession of faith. We dedicate, but do not baptize children.

* Priesthood of All Believers
    We have no person in authority over us and all serve each other.

* Education
    A major priority for us from childhood through out life.

* Authority of the Bible
     We interpret the Scripture by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and it is our only authority.

* Freedom of Conscience
    We encourage throughtful dissent and the freedom to disagree.

* Primacy of the Local Church
    There is no authority greater. We have a theology of pure democracy achieved through prayer, discussion, and the vote.

* Ordinances
    Baptism and the Lord's Supper.

* Religious Liberty
    We champion the practices of others.

* Separation of Church and State
    It is essential.